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Corporate Values

Corporate Vision

For more than a century the names DCM and Shriram have stood for a pioneering spirit. The cornerstones of the group's success have been integrity, innovation and excellence that only an unerring eye on quality can guarantee.

The reputation of DCM Shriram Industries Limited has been crafted by the vision of Sir Shriram. Fashioned by him into a major force in corporate enterprise, we strive to fulfil a legacy of technological knowhow, engineering enterprise, managerial and financial acumen, and above all the goodwill and faith of employees, shareholders and generations of customers.

We continue to build the success of our business on a foundation of individual excellence, ethics and values cherished by our founder Sir Shriram.



In 1994,as the Fine Chemicals industry grew, a new company Daurala Organics Limited was promoted by DCM Shriram Industries to produce high value/high technology drug intermediates. Affiliations with three European companies were established to obtain state-of-the-art technology.



The growth of the business has been spectacular. Within a short span of 4 years, Daurala Organics Limited has achieved a major share of the Indian market.

  Sales Turnover

Notes : 1. Sales include those of Daurala Organics Ltd.(DOL) and DSW Fine Chemicals (DSW)


The sprawling Daurala complex is spread over 300 acres, around 90 kms from Delhi, and houses a vast pool of trained manpower and technological expertise. The company added another feather to its cap, when it achieved the ISO 9002 certification in 1997 for all its products.

Daurala Organics Ltd. comprises of :
  • Plants for the manufacture of Benzaldehyde, DL Phenly Glycine, D (-) Phenyl Glycine and its derivatives, Sodium / Potassium Phenyl Acetate and Meta Phenoxy Benzaldehyde.
  • Comprehensive and extensive utilities.
  • An Incinerator for solid wastes and a liquid Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Very well equipped QC and R&D laboratories.
  • A very flexibly designed plant to be responsive to changing segments of products and customers.